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The Drive United Group (DUG) is made up of the greatest truck driver experts in the nation.  We have the driver’s best interests in mind at all times. Why? Well because the majority of our group are drivers and know exactly what you deal with in this industry.

We are a driver-based network that has one million drivers that have joined or been helped by our team.

  • Unlimited Access to the highest rated jobs and companies in the United States, anytime and all the time.  
  • Largest Driver Network In The World to support your career search when finding the best money and home time.
  • Leverage: Learn several ways to make income doing nothing more than giving feedback on the status reports
  • Personal Support Team that will always keep an eye on the hottest jobs you are looking for and assistance you with anything related to your career
  • You Get Paid Commission: instead of working with recruiters that have never seen the inside of a truck, we bypass them and you get paid a commission. 

How The Drive United Group Changed Driver Lives


The Drive United Group changed me and my families live. I wished I had them to help me bypass recruiters 10 years ago. - Sam Tx

 The DUG helped me find the best paying position without having to go through recruiters. I have been a part of the group for 2 years now. Check out their FB page, you will thank me later. Tom - MO

 I had 10 dollars in my pocket and a dead end job. I almost decided to get out of the game but met Jay at Drive United and he changed my mind. They helped find me a great position, helped me with some cash to survive and then continued to help me progress in new opportunities within the company I was with. Use them. Carl - SC

 I had been stabbing around for years to find something for my husband and we always found ourselves never having anyone to help us when having issues with dispatch. We started a position through Drive United and the very first time we had an issue, they jumped to the occasion and fixed it within hours. Karla - CO

 It takes a lot for me to put a review out there that is positive. Drive United has went above and beyond to make sure that my experience with the company has been the best. Bonus money is always a good thing! Billy - MN

"It's simple. The way The Driver United Group cut out the BS and got me in front of people with ACTUAL experience I felt like I was part of something...I also landed a GREAT job and it's incredible seeing my daughters every night."  - Mike C., KS

 So glad I made the decision to work with the Drive United Group. They found me the best position I have had in the 5 years of driving and have helped me gain more money and hometime along the way. Hands down the best team to work with. Chet - IL

 I have never been a part of something like this in my life. I had an issue with a dispatcher and DU was there to help me through the situation. If you are not using these guys, you are simply missing out. Betty - NC

 I was stuck on the road for days dealing with a broken down truck and could not get anyone with that company to help me. I heard about Drive United on facebook and reached out to find a new one. So glad I did, I have been over here for 2 years now and just bought a truck. Sam - GA

 Me and my wife got to an orientation and they denied us due to my blood pressure and we had very little to our name due to the company we worked with before holding our check. I called Jay at Drive United and he found me a position that day, they had transportation the next day and he sent me some cash to survive until we got our first check. These guys care. Ron - TN

 I worked with several recruiters over the years and it just never was what they said it would be. I met the Drive United group and made sense of it right away. They bypass recruiters and work with driver feedback. I do not know why I ever used anything else. Been at my job for 3 years now. They can help you for sure. Roger - PA


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